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Cedar Treaters
Hello, my name is Nathan and I own Cedar Treaters. ( I have been I have
skills at cleaning cedar decks, fences, and shake siding carefully, without damaging or
marking the wood with power washing patterns. If you have ever tried power washing a cedar
different. Most of the time cedar siding does not need up close power washing to prep for
staining. I can lighten the wood with a water/bightener mixture, and then do a gentle rinsing
with the power washer.

I use very high quality oil stain after cleaning the cedar. I make sure to soak a lot into the
wood. Many inferior oil products are very thin on the oil/protectant ingredients, but high in
colorant. The cheaper ones are easier to apply and look like a lot of stain was put into the
wood, but it is really basically watered down paint, and these cheaper ones are in fact not
preserving your expensive cedar investment very well (the wood needs the oils). My price is
competitive, even when compared to lesser quality applications.

I can clean and oil your deck or cedar siding for a competitive price. This includes the stain.
Different tints of this oil are available, in different clear solutions, or semi-transparent tints. I
can do solid stain upon request. The oil has lots of pigments for uv protection and anti-mildew
protection, and keeps the wood from drying and deteriorating. In my experience, the product I
use is superior to most.
I would be happy to discuss your project with you. You can email me here, or call me at
Thank you,
Nathan Konieczka
KCS Custom Services dba
Cleaning your home cedar and treating it with the best oils for long lasting life and
beauty can be lasting preserving qualities versus many products that just put a lot of
color into the wood, but still allow the wood to dry out and crack and deteriorate.  
Remember, nature wants to naturally decompose the cedar on your house.  It is
biodegradable and, just like a fallen tree in the woods, nature wants to turn it into soil
the wood.  This is the best way to ensure long life of cedar shakes, decks, and fences.
beautiful stains.  I have many satisfied customers who have commented on my high
quality work and attention to detail.
Cedar Treaters